InteleMed Zone

Our InteleMed Zone is a remote monitoring system downloadable to a PC, tablet or mobile device. It develops and manages a proprietary personal notification and communication management system and provides a connected Heath system for patients, care givers, first responders and emergency personal system. This system reduces the negative health consequences of medication non-adherence.

It provides a virtual care giver equipped with voice reminders of medications timing, Doctors appointments, and health related notification.

Our System is Bluetooth enabled, providing an open platform to pair with any Bluetooth enabled medical data collection devices such as heart monitor and blood pressure devices

Our System enables automated medications refills notifications to pharmacies and to consumers and notifications to a care giver or assigned secondary user of any misuse or miss-compliance to medication adherence.

Our Intelecare Zone provides a secured Portal for emergency personnel to access Medication history in an emergency or a hospitalized setting where consumer is either incapacitated or unable to provide medication history or medical information.

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